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Helen O Grady

Welcome to our school’s Drama and Speech program, in collaboration with Helen O’Grady International Academy—the world’s largest organization offering a progressive drama syllabus for all age groups. Our program focuses on nurturing students’ confidence, communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

Key Features:
1. Helen O’Grady International Academy Affiliation: Proudly associated with the world’s largest organization providing a progressive drama syllabus.

2. Objectives:
– Develop Confidence
– Enhance Communication Skills
– Foster Creativity
– Encourage Critical Thinking
– Promote Collaboration
– Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

3. Ongoing Assessment: Continuous assessment ensures students’ progress is tracked, with assessment sheets shared with parents at the end of each term.

4. Achievement Certificates: Every participant receives an achievement certificate at the conclusion of the program, recognizing their dedication and growth.

5. Expert Instructors: Classes are conducted by teachers trained in the Helen O’Grady Drama system, ensuring a high-quality learning experience for our students.

Helen O Grady

Helen O Grady