Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy of Top cbse school in Indore

Methodology/ pedagogy


Teaching methodology is the pivot around which education moves and it has two cardinal aspects: Its elements and its process. Ideal International School has developed the elements of its teaching methodology after a careful survey of educational research across the world. The three elements of Teaching Methodology which we follow are:

Kinesthetic Learning : It constructs experiential learning through 3 dimensional models the efficacy of which in acquiring more complex skills has been well established by various global researches. It creates robust concept building and real life linkages.

Immersive Learning : It allows learners to be totally “immersed” in a self-contained or simulated environment while experiencing it as real. We create rich and complex content-based learning while helping students to explore their technical, creative, and problem-solving skills.

Problem Based Learning : This thinking skill element of our methodology sharpens students thinking skill, the skill without which the potential of the knowledge cannot be utilized for problem solving. Inputs of the PBL (Problem Based Learning), coupled with Thinking skill learning, develops the problem solving ability of the children.



  1. Teaching and learning to shift away from rote methods.
  2. Curriculum to be enriched enough to go beyond textbooks.
  3. Teach less to learn more.
  4. Opportunities to be created to enhance the ability of children to link learned knowledge to life outside the school. Active combination of challenging and enriching experiences with academic rigour and creative opportunities.
  5. Examinations to be more flexible and integrated with classroom life.
  6. Classroom experience is directed towards becoming good citizens with a sense of equality and compassion towards others.

Ideal International School strives to achieve the best academic standards in the world and your child will have access to the finest environment and facilities for drawing out and maximising their best potential.