Best educational institute in Indore.Mission and vision.

Mission and Vision


To build learning spaces for students that-
Ensure freedom to explore the world around them.
Enhance inquisitiveness which drives creativity.
Equip them to be independent, and have faith in oneself.
Enrich them with traditional values and modern education.
Enable for a healthy and holistic development of the child.


“We will take a Hand, Open A Mind, Touch A Heart & Shape the Future…”
The Vision behind Ideal International School is to bring forth an approach of systematic and programmed learning to the citizens of India by creating a learning environment worthy for the future. Ideal International School provides effective solutions to all the school related issues that a parent and a child faces, by neatly integrating academics with all other activities. Each student therefore develops to his or her maximum potential. Ideal International school has outstanding educational aids and modern teaching techniques. The goal is to provide good exposure to the students and keep them at par with their peers nationwide and even internationally. Ideal International School prepares the students to understand, contribute and succeed in a rapidly changing society. They will make our local and global communities a better place. In a nutshell, the vision is to help students love, lead and learn and in turn, leave a legacy.


Fundamental Values of Ideal International School is “ETHICS”
Empathy: To make the community around it a better place by finding echoes of persons.
Team Work: To bind together as a single, unconquerable force by building trust among each other and rallying together towards success.
Humility: To be principled leaders within, by being modest, humble and respectful in valuing every relationship and interaction.
Integrity: To build a righteous personality by imbibing honesty with commitment even under fading circumstances.
Courage: To gain strength and confidence to stand up for self and others under absolute circumstances.
Self- Discipline: To put positive patterns of behavior into structured practice as an everyday habit.

The motto of the school is, “Spread the Light” of knowledge, wisdom and truth to dispel the darkness of ignorance and desire. We encourage our students to assimilate these principles so that they grow up to be constructive members of society and patriotic citizens.
Our Beliefs

Students First: Each child is special and we should help him/her in bringing out the best of talent for Life, University and Career. Our belief is that we would one day help to be pioneers wherever they might be: in the confines of a home, in the power corridors of a corporation or be survivors in alien territories.

Knowledge Temple: We believe in creating temple of learning where knowledge is admired.

Efficient Teachers: To bring and nurture outstanding teachers to get outstanding results.

Holistic Development: Nurture the child’s mind, body and spirit through holistic approach. Teachers are at their best when they are given free hands to adopt creative ways to make children learn the world around them.

Respect Everyone: All the members of school community should be treated with respect.

Continuous Improvement: As the world changes, The Management of the school is dedicated towards ensuring that the curriculum ,teaching methods and the infrastructure are upgraded and are kept up to date, to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the educational field.

“Systems for support*: We believe in having hands on tools, latest technology and programs, to support the basic efforts of integrating the curriculum and aids to inspire a collaborative learning community, that can effectively find, evaluate, use and create content.

“Partnership with Parents*: We believe that parental support is integral to the success of each or our student. Parents participation in their child’s education process is always encouraged.