School re-opening dates: Nursery - 3rd April, KG-1 - 2nd April, KG-2 to IX - 1st April, X - 1st March

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The computer lab is well equipped with latest computer hardware and software configuration. Computer education is provided to all the students from first class onwards to generate further interest in computers, so that the students are encouraged to utilise computer labs. Office package and software program is also being installed in each PC.

The school is equipped with dedicated broadband internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.

The pre primary sections learn the basic of operating system, paint, brush and interactive softwares like tux paint, scratch and tux typing.

The primary section learns the windows, MS office (MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS excel etc.). along with this they get the exposure to computer programing at elementary stages through computer languages like logo and Q Basic.

In the middle wing the students get exposure to the latest multimedia softwares like Photoshop, Corel draw. On the other hand for sharpen their logical and reasoning skills they learn computer languages like visual basic , JAVA , HTML and C++.