School re-opening dates: Nursery - 3rd April, KG-1 - 2nd April, KG-2 to IX - 1st April, X - 1st March

Teaching Methodology

For effective delivery of subject content we carefully choose suitable teaching methods, and teaching or learning activities and sequence them in a logical manner to ensure smooth flow of dialogue not only between our educators and the learners but also amongst learners. The methods we choose are learner centred that help to bring about positive behavioural change. We Use creativity and innovativeness in methods to promote and sustain the positive behaviour change.

We advise to make informed decisions about the approach most appropriate to particular needs, developments and interests of learners at all times. There are a number of factors that may determine the methods that we choose to use in teaching. Our teaching includes Discussion, Debate, Role Play, Brainstorm, Storytelling, Songs and dances, Case studies, Miming etc.